"Candle in Ice" by Christopher Sanborn

Candle in Ice image
Attestation: "I, Christopher Sanborn, originator of the work herein, hereby commit this piece of art to the BitShares blockchain, to live as the token named MKUU.NFT00002, and attest that no prior tokenization of this art exists or has been authorized by me. The work is original, and is fully mine to dedicate in this way. May it preserve and bring joy until the end of time."
Narrative: "The work is called Candle in Ice, as I see in it the candle-and-wick chart indicator of a rising market, but yet it looks to be encased in ice, and frozen in time. The piece is a result of about one hour of experimental processing of a source image that mostly did not transfer to the finished work; I selected essentially only a piece of it. Aesthetically, this rendition grabs me because of it's color palette, and because of the regular grid pattern which was an unexpected artifact of the processing. It reminds me both of city blocks, and of a game map from a vintage 8-bit video game, featuring verdant forests, icy tundras, and mountains, all in a regularized, peaceful, comforting digital world."
Acknowledgments: "N/A"

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