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Beet - Implementing the Bitshares blockchain companion app

What is Beet?

Beet is a multi-blockchain companion app similar to Scatter, it provides you a simplified Bitshares interface to buy, hold and trade BTS NFTs.

Check out the latest Beet installer releases if you're interested in trying out Beet; you'll first need to register a Bitshares account elsewhere (such as one of the web wallets or the stand-alone client) then login to the Beet client with this account.

If you've setup Beet, to buy an NFT with Beet simply navigate to the individual NFT page, click the "Buy with Beet" tab button, login to the Beet wallet, click "connect to beet", approve the message on Beet, click "Buy it now" then finally approve the purchase in the Beet wallet - you're now an owner of an NFT on the Bitshares blockchain!

How was it implemented?

The website checks that Beet is running via web sockets when you clock 'connect to beet', then when you click the buy button the Beet-JS library is utilized to generate a limit_create_order on the Bitshares blockchain using the 'buy it now' price set by the current owner of the NFT.

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