NFTEA Gallery

March dev update

Since the last development blog post in November the following work has been completed:

  • Updates to the Bitshares NFT issuance tool
  • Updates to the Bitshares NFT viewer
  • Multiple updates to Bitshares Beet (Awaiting the new release to go live!)
  • New algorithms for the Bitshares ticket tracker
  • The Norns (Urthr/Skuld/Verthandi) have been updated to have more optimized parameters; ICR and MCR have been reduced to account for the limited scope of volatility implemented by the algorithm. Related price feed scripts have been updated (or have pull requests to be updated in line with new changes).
  • Multiple liquidity pools have been created between the norns and BTS; look for liquidity pools starting with "Norns". They have no withdrawal fee, simply swap fees for liquidity pool participants to earn through. Enjoy!

Unfortunately, the bitshares-solid-ui project has been put on hold and is highly unlikely to proceed unless forked by another JS developer that's interested in continuing its development for free.

NFTEA Gallery

An open source NFT gallery powered by the Bitshares blockchain!
All displayed NFTs are tradeable on the Bitshares decentralized exchange, get collecting!
Created using Next.js and running on Vercel