NFTEA Gallery

November dev update


To anyone interested in purchasing NFTEA NFTs moving forwards the new set pricing for now is 40,000 BTS on the Bitshares DEX.

Check out the NFTEA collection

Why purchase NFTEA NFTs?

Funds raised support development of new Bitshares technologies & sales will result in further NFT collections likely being released.

For example 2022 complete contributions so far:

It's getting pretty easy to create and sell your own collection of NFTs on the Bitshares DEX now, don't you think?

Thanks to the Bitshares committee for funding several sprints of development across a wide variety of projects!

If you missed any of the the above project announcements then you should keep an eye on the bitsharestalk announcement sub-forum for new Bitshares tech!

Ongoing open source projects requiring funding support:

What are others up to?

  • Artcasa
    • They've released a collection of 8 NFTs which you can purchase using their own ARTCASA token on the Bitshares DEX.
    • Their telegram channel continues to grow, check it out!
    • They supported displaying the NFTEA NFT collection on their gallery website, much appreciated!
    • Don't forget to follow them on Twitter!
  • Alguien's Unity based NFT gallery
    • Generated 3D NFTs in testnet - mutually supported on the testnet page.
    • Supported displaying both their own testnet NFTs and both NFTEA & ARTCASA NFTs from the production Bitshares network.
  • BitTwenty

I am aware of several other NFT galleries in the works, and several have expressed individual interest in the NFT issuance tools, so 2023 is looking interesting for the NFT scene in Bitshares!

NFTEA Gallery

An open source NFT gallery powered by the Bitshares blockchain!
All displayed NFTs are tradeable on the Bitshares decentralized exchange, get collecting!
Created using Next.js and running on Vercel