NFTEA Gallery

November updates

Recent Updates

Due to styling issues on refresh with MUIv5 a decision was made to migrate to the Mantine UI library! This is now in production and as a result pagespeed rankings are way up and refresh styling issues are no longer present.

Added a '404 error' page & changed fallback settings so that the nft & post sub pages properly redirect to 404 if their ids are invalid.

You're now prompted to approve/reject Google Analytics via a notification.

You can now switch to a staging environment gallery (via settings) which references the staging bitshares network, devs are experimenting with different NFT types in there, check it out! Before issuing your own Bitshares NFTs in production, try it out on the staging network first (with dummy data to avoid spoilers) to save yourself production fees in the long run.

Removed the list view in favour of the improved gallery card view, each card now includes 'buy it now' prices so you can estimate NFT values at a glance.

Fixed responsiveness of index nft cards, no more x-overflow scroll.

Multiple new NFT file types initially supported, Bitshares NFT issuers can now experiment with MP4, FBX, GLTF and VOX file types.

Future Gallery plans

Using Three.JS for a 3D NFT gallery which you can walk around in and observe the art up close.

May experiment with using shroom for an isometric gallery view.

Recently issued NFTs

A further 11 AI generated NFTs with the image resolution of 1280x1280 have been issued and are up on the production gallery, get collecting!

NFTEA Gallery

An open source NFT gallery powered by the Bitshares blockchain!
All displayed NFTs are tradeable on the Bitshares decentralized exchange, get collecting!
Created using Next.js and running on Vercel