The NFTEA Gallery works with Google Home

The NFTEA Gallery has successfully launched on the Google Home platform; the NFTEA Gallery can now be found in the Google Assistant Action store!

Google is now prominently featuring the NFTEA Gallery in over 200 countries, you can access it on speakers, tvs, watches, phones, smart displays, tablets & chromebooks as long as the device is configured to use the English locale.

It only takes 3 clicks to find our action from their store index!

The NFTEA Gallery is currently the only result for 'NFT'

Google IO 2022 event just recently passed, the NFTEA Gallery strives to continuously adopt the newly announced Google Assistant technologies.

Potential future NFTEA Gallery plans:

  • Localize the action for all/more supported languages
  • Create a knowledgebase to answer Bitshares & NFT related queries.
  • Experiment with the interactive canvas element
  • Adopt evergreen google tech

I'd greatly appreciate any testing and legit reviews you can leave on the Google Assistant store; the more the action is used and reviewed the more likely Google will be to recommend the action to users implicitly based on their Google searches.

NFTEA Gallery

An open source NFT gallery powered by the Bitshares blockchain!
All displayed NFTs are tradeable on the Bitshares decentralized exchange, get collecting!
Created using Next.js and running on Vercel