NFTEA Gallery

Hello World!

Welcome! Moving forwards there will be regular blog posts regarding the state of the NFTEA Gallery, the NFTs issued on the Bitshares DEX and guides!


We successfully migrated from create-react-app to next.js!

The reason for the migration was that key SEO packages (like react-snap) were no longer maintained, now we're able to be indexed by services which don't render JS (like Twitter and some search engines).

Due to incompatibilities with safari and chrome on ios, we moved away from using react-lazy-load-image-component to using react-intersection-observer, as a consequence the image display resolutions are currently static as we have to specify the image width/height up front in the next Image component, we seek to address this by extracting image resolutions during build.

Future Gallery plans

Improving staging NFT access, perhaps through the settings to enable staging access.

Reintroducing market order queries so you can see what people are bidding on the issued NFTs.

Optional google analytics (personal config & country based settings).

There aren't plans yet for issuing NFT on others behalf, however ARTCASA may be able to help you do this & their issued NFT will be featured here. Remember that this gallery is MIT licensed, you can fork and rebrand it for your own personalized Bitshares NFT gallery.

Issued NFTs

We have issued 32 NFTs under the parent NFTEA UIA, check them out and get collecting!

We have integrated several NFTs from the ARTCASA Bitshares NFT gallery, check out their issued NFTs!

My future NFT plans

A further 11 AI generated NFTs with the image resolution of 1280x1280 are planned to be issued, once BTS reserves are refilled and more time spent coding this gallery they'll be issued.

Once this collection has been issued, I'm interested in creating larger resolution images and experimenting with new software and variable inputs.

NFTEA Gallery

An open source NFT gallery powered by the Bitshares blockchain!
All displayed NFTs are tradeable on the Bitshares decentralized exchange, get collecting!
Created using Next.js and running on Vercel