NFTEA Gallery

Recent NFT trading activity on the Bitshares DEX!

NFTs sold by Artcasa

If you've not heard of Artcasa they're another Bitshares NFT art gallery, specialising in fine arts - digital and rare.

Christopher recently sold three of his NFTs, Coherence, Decoherence and Candle in Ice in exchange for ARTCASA tokens; since selling they have traded hands a few times already I believe.

Mr. Yuk, another recent issuer of Bitshares NFTs through Artcasa has also had success selling both of his Toon World NFTs shortly after issuance.

Shout out to Artcasa for their excellent work, their community support shows with their swift NFT sales.

The NFTEA Gallery made its first sale

Back in mid December the NFT titled "NFTEA.BALANCE" was purchased by the Bitshares user adv1sory!

Thanks adv1sory, your support is greatly appreciated!

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